Independent, resilient energy

    Smart energy management means reliable, clean power whenever you need it. With the aging infrastructure of the utility grid, and more frequent power outages due to environmental crises, eco-friendly energy resilience systems have become central to security and environmental stewardship.

    "Energy resilience is essential in any life-safety system. We are so excited to be able offer the leading standards in flexible microgrid technology and eco-friendly energy distribution systems."
    Matt Lavin, General Manager — Metro 18
    Flexible Microgrid
    By combining on-site energy generation, battery storage and flexible load management, our customers continue to power their homes with stable energy in the event of an energy grid malfunction or failure.
    Load balancing enables efficient distribution of energy resources, reducing costs and ensuring sophisticated technologies function with their highest performance.
    "Metro 18 makes it a point to have a deep and broad knowledge of the technologies in their field. When a topic or technology arises that they don’t know, they are the first to find experts to educate their clients and themselves."
    Dr. Anna Demeo – CTO Savant Power
    "Project after project, Metro 18 has performed at the highest levels, and I consider them industry leaders that provide the best level of service and quality."
    Jim Dunne – Hill Construction Company
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