Now is the time to upgrade to Savant ProAv

    Savant’s new ProAV distribution system offers an extraordinary step forward in both signal distribution and remote support access. In order to help our clients transition to the new ProAV, we have partnered with Savant to offer a 15% discount off manufacturer pricing until the end of June, 2024.

    We’re also partnering with Sony, to offer their latest in OLED screen technologies to showcase the advancement in audio video distribution in an unparalleled entertainment experience.

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    We are encouraging our clients to move forward with their upgrade before the end of June to take advantage of discounted manufacturer pricing from Savant and Sony. Please reach out via this form and we will schedule a time to speak with you to discuss next steps.

    Savant Upgrade

    ”The old SmartMediaPro that sits at the heart of some of our clients' systems is now an end of life product that is no longer supported. We are strongly encouraging our clients to upgrade as soon as possible to avoid common hardware failures that will require whole system replacement, and assure our continued remote support.“
    Jay Bakaler, President — Metro 18
    ”Sony OLED technology features millions of self-illuminating pixels, and brings out subtle nuances and variations in colors, closely mimicking what you see in the natural world.“
    Matt Lavin, General Manager — Metro 18
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