Safe at home

    From state-of-the-art surveillance and access control to industrial-standard local area network security, our systems are designed to assure peace of mind.

    "Our clients have been so reassured by their Verkada Security Camera systems. From facial recognition and vehicle alerts to their never-fail, real-time performance, the system provides intelligent eyes for all aspects of security monitoring."
    Chris Durkin, Builder — Durkin Inc.
    Remote access for all entry points
    Home control system integration provides secure and remote monitoring and visibility of all access points, even garage doors.
    State-of-the-art surveillance
    Discrete wall panels give owners eyes on all cameras across the property.
    Keyless entry systems provide security and convenience.
    State-of-the-art surveillance
    Beautifully integrated into extraordinary architecture, camera systems offer facial recognition and vehicle identification.
    Alarm systems are fully integrated with SAVANT, offering remote access and control from mobile devices.
    "Our partnership with Metro 18 is ongoing because as we evolve, they’re right there beside us to customize our house so we can keep up with the changes."
    Claudia C., Los Altos, CA
    "Metro 18's 'recipe' for networking, lighting, media and entertainment and home security integration provides a level of quality and reliability that stands far above anything else we've seen from other companies. Our level of trust in their work has made it easy for us to choose them for multiple projects."
    Javier S., Ross, CA
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